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Devil's Diary, on Lifetime Movie Network
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Caution: potential spoilers.

There are these two high school girls, Dominique and Ursula. Actually, the reason I watched the movie was because of them: Dominique was played by Alexz Johnson, who I haven't seen since she was in So Weird several years ago, and Ursula was played by Magda Apanowicz, who I quite liked in Kyle XY. Anyway, they find a book in a graveyard, filled with empty pages, and a little cryptic inscription inside the front cover that says something about using the book, giving up your soul, whatever. It kind of reminded me of the anime Death Note. That's much cooler than this movie, of course, but this book could do more varied stuff. Though for the most part it's used to hurt or kill.

Well, Dominique and Ursula are part of an unpopular group at school, along with another girl and a couple guys. And they are at odds with a group of cheerleaders and jocks. Ursula hates them, and starts writing bad things she wants to happen to them in the diary. And the things happen. And she's happy about it. It starts taking over her soul. Dominique wants her to stop using it, but she refuses. Also Dominique does some research on the internet about the book, which is apparently thousands of years old. And she goes to a priest for help, who calls in another priest, who's an expert in this kind of supernatural stuff. I was suspicious of him from the start....

But meanwhile, the head cheerleader, Heather, who was the first one hurt, wants to get her hands on the diary, so she sends her friends to steal it from Ursula. Which they do, but one of them, Georgia, keeps it for herself (after using it against Ursula). And then Dominique and her friends have to try to get it back, to give to the priests to deal with. Yep, the diary changes hands a number of times in the movie, and or course it can only be used for evil.

Dunno what else to say. Don't want to spoil the ending. Kind of typical, though. But... the movie itself, while not that great, was still better than a lot of movies of this sort, especially TV movies. I mean it could actually be a bit frightening at times. Which is all I wanted, since it aired around Halloween....

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