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A Christmas Carol: The Musical, on NBC
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At first, I found the songs rather forced, and not particularly successfully. I really wasn't enjoying this musical version of the classic story, but, eventually it got better. I think the first bit I liked was this young girl singing, I think it was the daughter of this Smythe guy who owed Scrooge money. She showed up a few times throughout the movie. Also, Scrooge (played by Kelsey Grammer) refused the entreaties of 3 people (among many others), who would turn up later as the 3 ghosts. But first there's Jason Alexander as Marley's ghost. Then some other ghosts showed up along with him. Their song was tolerable. Then there's Jane Krakowski as the Ghost of Christmas Past, and I really liked her singing. And Jennifer Love Hewitt played Scrooge's fiancee, Emily. The whole song and dance number of Fezziwig's ball was fun.

Of course, there were some changes to the story, like Scrooge's father being imprisoned for failing to pay his debts; Scrooge working as a boy, making boots in a workshop; and Scrooge later refusing to give Fezziwig a loan. But I think mostly the story was unchanged. Um... yeah, well, some of the other songs didn't do much for me, but didn't really bother me, either. I liked the song in the future, pretty spooky. Can't think what else to say. On the whole, I enjoyed the movie, even if it started out kinda shaky. Far from the best version of the story I've seen, but worth seeing. Don't know that I'd watch it again, though.

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