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L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables: Fire & Dew, on YTV (Canada) / PBS (USA)
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This aired in July 2017 in Canada, unlike the first two movies, which both aired in February (the first in 2016, and the second in 2017). In fact, this was originally scheduled to air in 2018 (I presume in February), but got bumped up to air the same year as the second movie, just five months later instead of a whole year later. Also unlike the first two movies, which both aired on Thanksgiving in the US (also in 2016 and 2017), this one aired in September 2018. (So, still earlier than I would have expected, but not nearly as early as it aired in Canada.)

Anyway, it begins when Anne is 14. And she's really starting to get into writing, though so far it seems to be just to amuse herself and her friends. Eventually, Miss Stacy organizes an afterschool class for her best students, including Anne, to prepare for a test that could earn them admission to Queen's Academy, in Charlottetown. And that could help Anne qualify to become a teacher. Of course Anne gets in, as do some of her friends, and Gilbert. And of course Anne and Gilbert eventually reconcile. Meanwhile, there's a subplot about the bank where Matthew keeps his money possibly going under, and Marilla wants him to change banks or something, but he refuses. Which puts their ownership of Green Gables in danger.

Well, the movie doesn't seem to me to give any clear indication of how much time Anne and her friends spend at Queen's, but I assume it was four years. So by the time Anne graduates, she should be an adult. But personally, despite apparent attempts to make her look older by wearing more grown-up clothes and makeup, or whatever, I still thought she looked (and sounded) 14. Anyway, she finally returns to Avonlea. And... eventually there's a tragedy, the nature of which I won't spoil, but I thought the movie (and the actors) dealt with it quite well. And... Anne finally makes plans to get a teaching job, as does Gilbert.

Beyond that, I don't want to say anything else about the plot. I think this was my least favorite of the three movies, but it was still decent.

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