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Animated TV movies I want to see
Note that some sites may refer to certain programs as "movies" which I classify as specials. For me to consider something to be a TV movie, it has to have a runtime of over an hour (including commercials). An hour or less, and it's a special. (Though it's possible some of the things I classify as movies actually were an hour, and I misremember them as having been longer. It's also possible that some things I classify as specials were actually more than an hour long. I do make mistakes. From time to time.)

The Fairly OddParents in: Channel Chasers, on Nickelodeon
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I guess this is the second Fairly OddParents TV movie, but it's the first one I saw. Unfortunately, I don't remember it well, but I'm pretty sure it was okay. So I might like to see it again someday, and write a proper review. There have also been a number of other specials after this one. So... maybe someday I'll see some of them. And maybe the first one. I dunno.

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, on Disney Channel & Disney XD
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This aired in 2018, following the microseries Marvel Rising: Initiation. I didn't get to see it since I don't get either of those channels, but I definitely hope to see it eventually.

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