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The Triangle, on Sci Fi
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Caution: potential spoilers.

It starts in 1492, with three ships you might've heard of, commanded by Christopher Columbus. They encounter a modern-day ship which was rather huge by comparison, in addition to being steel. But that's a brief scene. Later we see a scene in the present, with a Greenpeace boat trying to stop a Japanese ship from illegally whaling. Some force destroys the ship as well as the boat, with the only survivor being a man named Meeno Paloma (Lou Diamond Phillips). Then there's a rich shipping magnate named Eric Benirall (Sam Neill), who has an assistant named Aron Ackerman, who he sends to deliver invitations to four different experts in certain fields. One of them is a reporter named Howard Thomas (Eric Stoltz), who used to work for the New York Times, but for some reason he has been reduced to working for a tabloid called the Observer. He's divorced and has a young daughter. When we first see him, he's interviewing Meeno in the hospital. In spite of his job reporting on unusual phenomena, he's very much a skeptic. Other members of the team assembled by Benirall include an oceanographer named Emily Patterson (Catherine Bell), a thrill-seeking meteorologist named Bruce Geller, and a psychic named Stan Lathem.

In the last year, several of Benirall's ships have been lost without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle, though one has recently returned, with most of the crew having died. He assembles this team of reluctant experts to try to find a definitive answer for him about what's going on. Of course, over the centuries there have been many stories and theories about the Triangle, all of which have been disproven. (And Howard is an expert in these stories, which he firmly disbelieves.) None of them are particularly willing to believe there's anything "supernatural" about the Triangle, except maybe Stan. But Benirall offers each of them five million dollars if they can get an answer for him, and they're all in need of money, for one reason or another. So they agree, and before long, in the course of their investigation, they begin experiencing some very strange, inexplicable things, as well as some unusual natural phenomena. Among the weirdness are some apparent hallucinations, as well as a recently sunken plane on which all the passengers have disappeared except one: a little girl named Heather Sheedy, who is now an old woman. Meanwhile, Meeno gets out of the hospital after his ordeal, and goes back home and back to work (as a welder, I guess). But he quickly begins noticing small details of his life which are not as he remembers them, as well as one major detail: he and his wife, Helen, have two sons, but he has no memory of the younger one. Oh, Benirall himself is suffering some disturbing hallucinations, though he doesn't let anyone know that.

Part two begins with Howard, Emily, Bruce, and Stan being captured by some mysterious people and taken to an equally mysterious facility, where they're interrogated, but soon released, in as you might guess, a mysterious fashion. After this, the four of them decide they should give up their investigation. However, their hallucinations continue and become more troublesome. In fact, it seems they're not hallucinations at all, but apparently glimpses of alternate realities... and occasionally, more than glimpses, as reality itself shifts around them, affecting everyone (though no one else seems to be aware of it). They also find out that the Navy has been trying to intimidate Benirall to put a stop to his investigation. Of course, the team now sees no choice but to continue the investigation, if they want to stop whatever's happening to them. Bruce and Emily work together to try to find a scientific explanation, while Howard and Stan investigate the Navy's connection to the recent suicide of a friend of Howard's, who apparently may have been involved in whatever experiments the Navy has been conducting. This leads them to search for the grandfather of Heather Sheedy, who provides some extremely disturbing information. Meanwhile, Meeno continues to struggle with his own hallucinations, and reality shifting back so that his younger son never existed (just when he was starting to get used to the idea of his existence); but one of his Greenpeace teammates who had died apparently survived. As Helen begins to worry about her marriage to Meeno, he begins to question his sanity.

I can't say much about part three. Just that the team meets Meeno, who wants answers about what's happening to him. And he ends up helping them. Also, they get some answers from the Navy about the origins of the Triangle, but... they later figure out that the Navy was wrong. So, they have to try to avert an impending cataclysmic event. I won't reveal how it all ends, but it was an interesting story, anyway.

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