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Treasure Island, on Sky 1 (UK) / Syfy (USA)
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This aired in over two nights in January 2012, in the UK. In the US, it aired on one night in May 2012. But I didn't get to see it until July 2021, on DVD.

Part One
It begins with a pirate captain named Flint (Donald Sutherland) betraying his crew and setting them adrift, so he could keep his treasure for himself. The story then flashes forward three years, when we meet a boy named Jim Hawkins and his mother, Meg (Shirley Henderson), shortly after the death of Jim's father. Then a pirate named Billy Bones comes to stay at their tavern, the Admiral Benbow. Eventually, another pirate comes looking for him. And later another pirate comes to deliver a "black spot" as a message that the rest of the castaway pirates would be coming for him that night, but Billy dies before they get there. Jim takes a journal and map from a chest Billy had brought with him, which will presumably lead to Flint's treasure. Jim shares this information with a doctor named Livesey, who wants to form an expedition to find the treasure and make himself and Jim rich. But first he needs to get funding for the expedition, from Squire Trelawney, who buys a ship, the Hispaniola, and hires a captain named Smollett, and a first mate named Arrow. Part of the crew are assembled by a cook named John Silver (Eddie Izzard), who had been seen in the opening scene as Flint's quartermaster. Of course, the crewmen he brings with him are also former members of Flint's crew.

I should also say that before he leaves on the expedition, Silver tells his wife, Alibe, to seek refuge at the Admiral Benbow if she ever gets in trouble. And eventually, she does go there. We also learn that Meg's husband had gone into debt to Trelawney, and one of the squire's men intends to evict her. Meanwhile, on the Hispaniola, Silver and his crew plot a mutiny against Trelawney, Smollett, and their crew, with Jim caught in the middle of all this. Part of their plan involves getting Arrow replaced by one of Silver's men, George Merry. While the pirates are anxious to get the mutiny under way, Silver forces them to wait until they've reached the island where the treasure is buried. And shortly after arriving, part one ends.

Part Two
Well, I don't want to say too much about this part. There are battles between Silver's men and Smollett's men. And Jim meets a marooned former pirate named Ben Gunn (Elijah Wood), who provides some help to the good guys. And we see a bit more of Meg and Alibe. And, I dunno, a lot of stuff happens that I don't want to spoil. So I'll just say it was a reasonably good retelling of the classic story. But I can't see any good reason for it to have aired on Syfy. In any event, I'm glad I've finally seen it.

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