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Things I don't remember well and/or don't care about enough to give their own pages, but at least care enough about to mention them. Some of them I might watch again someday and write longer reviews, in which case I would give them their own pages.

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The '60s, on NBC
IMDb; TV Tango

This is a title that jumped out at me while I was browsing TV Tango. I don't remember anything about the miniseries, but I think I probably watched it. Or maybe I just wanted to, I dunno. But I need to mention that TV.com's description of the miniseries is accurate, but its episode listing is for something completely different that aired ten years later (which I definitely never saw).

Alice in Wonderland, on CBS
IANN; IMDb; TV Tango; Wikipedia

Not the best version ever, and probably not the worst. I'm afraid I don't remember it too well, but it was alright, I think. I mainly remember the White Queen (played by Carol Channing) singing about jam, for some reason.

The Arrow, on CBC (Canada)
IMDb; Wikipedia

I think I must have watched this when it first aired in 1997, but I don't really remember anything specific about it. Except that Sara Botsford (of whom I was a fan from E.N.G.) was in it. Of course, there were other good people in it, including Dan Aykroyd. And... I dunno what else to say.

Bangkok Hilton, on Network Ten (Australia)
IMDb; Wikipedia

Don't remember it well (but I advise viewer discretion). Nicole Kidman was in it. Anyway, it's one of those things where some guy uses some woman he just met to smuggle drugs, and she ends up getting caught and getting in big trouble despite knowing nothing about it. Actually I believe she was looking for her father, whom she never knew. Or whatever. I think he used to be a lawyer or something. Dunno what else to say. I should probably rewatch it someday to write a better review, but then again, I'm not sure how interested I really am....

Fallen, on ABC Family
IMDb; TV Tango; Wikipedia
streaming sites: Amazon; iTunes

On his 18th birthday, things begin to change for Aaron Corbett (who'd been adopted by his foster parents, Tom and Lori Corbett, with whom I think he'd been living for like three years now). He has weird dreams and like starts getting weird powers or whatever. And then some homeless guy named Ezekiel claims to be a fallen angel, and tells Aaron that he is a Nephil- half angel, half human. Aaron doesn't want to believe this, he just wants a normal life. But it turns out there are angels called "the Powers" whose mission it is to hunt down and destroy fallen angels and Nephilim. And of course, they'll want to kill Aaron. To further complicate things, it seems Aaron is some prophesied chosen one or whatever, who is destined to like, restore fallen angels, I guess. It originally aired as a TV movie, but like a year later, there were a couple more TV movies (making it a sort of time-delayed miniseries), but by the time they aired I'd lost whatever interest I had, and skipped them....

Merlin, on NBC
IMDb; Mill Creek Entertainment; Rotten Tomatoes; Sonar Entertainment; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikipedia
streaming sites: Amazon (IMDb); iTunes

Actually, in spite of the fact that I don't remember a damn thing about this movie except that it had a good cast, I'd probably like to see it again someday. Also, I later saw a miniseries called "Merlin's Apprentice" on Hallmark Channel.

Million Dollar Babies, on CBC (Canada) / CBS (USA)
IMDb; TV Tango; Wikipedia
streaming sites: Amazon

I probably saw this when it first aired in 1994, though I couldn't say whether I watched it on CBC or CBS. I assumed the former, because I didn't remember it airing on anything other than CBC, but now that I know it did, I wonder. Anyway, it was set in Ontario, Canada, in the 1930s. It told the story of the Dionne quintuplets, the first quints ever to survive infancy. But other than that I don't remember anything about the miniseries.

Napoléon, on France 2 (France) / A&E (USA)
IMDb; TV Tango; Wikipedia

This aired in 2003 (in the U.S.) I'm sure I saw at least part of it, and probably all of it. It begins with Napoleon in exile on the island of Saint Helena, where he's visited by an English girl named Betsy. I guess everything else in the miniseries is him telling the story of his life to her. Um... and I'm afraid I don't remember anything specific about it, but I'm sure I at least kind of liked it. And it had a good cast. I might like to see it again someday, but it's not all that important to me. I do feel bad that I can't write a proper review; I'm sure it deserves one.

The Odyssey, on NBC
American Zoetrope; IMDb; Mill Creek Entertainment; Sonar Entertainment; TV Tango; Wikipedia
streaming sites: Amazon; iTunes

Based, of course, on the epic saga by Homer. What to say about the miniseries? I don't remember it well. I dunno if it was very good. But it had a good cast.

Ruby Ridge: An American Tragedy, on CBS
IMDb; MGM; TV Tango; Wikipedia

I feel like I probably saw this, but I don't really remember anything about it. It had a good cast, though. Anyway, apparently it was later edited into a movie called "The Siege at Ruby Ridge," probably for its video release. I'm not sure if that's shorter than the original miniseries, but I would assume so. And... I dunno what else to say. I do kind of wish I remembered it better.

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