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Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, on Sci-Fi
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This miniseries took up where the series Farscape left off. Aeryn and John are not dead, just crystallized, and all the crystals are collected by Rygel, and then a Diagnosan (who we've met before) reconstitutes them, as well as giving Chiana new eyes. Aeryn and John's baby, unexpectedly, is now in Rygel. Meanwhile, the Peacekeepers and Scarrans go to war. They still both want John to give them wormhole technology, to make a weapon. He still doesn't want to help either side. There is also a plot about this ancient race, the Eidolons (who we met earlier in the series; turns out the people our heroes are with at the start of the miniseries are their descendants) who had the power to influence others to peace. This would be very convenient, if it would frelling work, but ultimately, peace will have to come at a terrible price, and the whole point of the series- the desperate attempt to acquire wormhole technology- will have to be utilized. It all kinda reminds me of an Organian thing, except about a million times cooler, and deadlier. Potentially.

Eventually, too, the baby gets transferred back into Aeryn, and yes, it will be born, and then in the end, I start thinking about the Lion King. I don't want to give too much away about anything. I just want to say that this miniseries is a whole big frelling event, okay? It utterly rocks, on pretty much every conceivable cliché-obliterating level, okay? I loved it with every fiber of my being. Oh yes, incredibly rewarding, and exciting, and touching, plus there's terribly sad bits. And ye gods, I hope to hell there's more to come....

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