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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Summertime Shorts, on Discovery Family
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This is a series of shorts that aired in the summer of 2017, as well as being released online later that summer. But I didn't see them until the summer of 2018. They're divided into two groups: "Canterlot Shorts," produced by Boulder Media, and some music videos produced by DHX Media. (The first three shorts are set during the first movie. The others are set sometime later, though it's not always clear exactly when.)

Make Up Shake Up (2:52; Canterlot short)

Rarity tries to do Applejack's makeup in preparation for the Fall Formal. Of course, Rarity's taste isn't quite the same as AJ's.

A Photo Booth Story (2:37; Canterlot short)

Photo Finish takes pictures of the girls during the Fall Formal.

Raise This Roof (2:41; Canterlot short)

During the Fall Formal, Applejack and Apple Bloom have a dance-off against Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo... but when the elder ponies start taking the competition too seriously, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo ditch their original partners to form their own team.

Steps of Pep (3:17; Canterlot short)

Pinkie Pie has started a cheering club, but is Fluttershy up to the task?

Epic Fails (2:59; Canterlot short)

This apparently was the last Canterlot short to air, but it's labeled as the fifth short, so that's where I'll put it on my list. Anyway, the girls all recall their most embarrassing moments.

Mad Twience (3:07; music video)

Twilight Sparkle (the human one) sings while she works on a secret science project.

Monday Blues (3:16; music video)

On a rainy Monday, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight sing while they each make their way to school.

Pet Project (3:36; Canterlot short)

The girls are taking a group photo of all their pets, but Sunset doesn't have one. So Fluttershy helps her pick one out.

Subs Rock (2:46; Canterlot short)

Principal Celestia is filling in as a substitute teacher. Twilight is eager to answer her first question, but unfortunately, Celestia keeps getting called away by various emergencies.

Shake Things Up (2:22; music video)

Applejack is getting bored at her job in a smoothie shop, so she decides to spice things up.

The Art of Friendship (3:34; Canterlot short)

Pinkie Pie tries to follow Sunset's advice for finding inspiration about what to paint in art class.

The Canterlot Movie Club (3:23; Canterlot short)

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are going to watch the new Daring Do movie (so this would seem to be set around the time of Mirror Magic). But before the movie starts, they run into Pinkie, who has lost Gummy, and the girls decide to look for him.

Get the Show on the Road (2:24; music video)

Applejack gets a total clunker of a bus for the Rainbooms to go on tour. So the girls sing while fixing it up.

Leaping Off the Page (2:37; Canterlot short)

Rainbow Dash imagines herself as the heroine of the Daring Do book she's reading, but reality tries to intrude.

Coinky-Dink World (2:31; music video)

This was released on the Discovery Family GO app, rather than TV or internet. Pinkie Pie sings a 1950s-style song while working in a 1950s-style soda shoppe, and tries to get two patrons to notice each other (and presumably fall in love).

Good Vibes (2:25; music video)

This was released on the Discovery Family GO app. The girls sing a song while various characters help each other out in a "pay it forward" sort of chain of events.

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