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The Mighty Hercules, in syndication
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This ran from 1963-66, well before I was born. But I know I saw reruns at some point in my youth, probably in the early to mid-1980s. Episodes were just like 5 minutes each. I don't remember it well at all now, and it probably wasn't very good. But I still find the thought of it vaguely nostalgic. Anyway, it was, of course, about the mythological Greek hero Hercules (though that's actually his Roman name... which is a distinction that wouldn't matter to most little kids watching the show, I suppose). He fought various enemies, none of which I particularly remember. One weird thing, though, is that he didn't just naturally have super strength, that's something that only happened when he put on a magic ring. (Which reminds me of any number of other heroes... the ring obviously brings Green Lantern to mind, but I'm talking more about just receiving powers from any sort of object or external source, whether magical or not, like He-Man and his sword, Popeye and spinach, etc.) I also kind of remember Hercules's friends, a young centaur named Newton and a satyr named Tewt. Oh, and he rode Pegasus. And had a girlfriend named Helena. (Yeah, some of this stuff I'm just letting Wikipedia remind me of, and never would have thought of on my own. But I definitely remembered Newton, and the magic ring.) And I don't know what else to say, except it was probably all rather silly (if I rewatched it now, I'd probably call it redonkulous). But whatever, I must have liked it at some point.

Oh yeah... I did stumble across a few reruns one day many years after I had originally watched it. Probably sometime in the early 2010s. I don't remember what channel it was on; something pretty obscure, I expect. And I doubt it would still be on whatever channel it was, anyway. But it was fun to indulge my nostalgia a bit.

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