Groovies, on Cartoon Network / Boomerang
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These were interstitial music videos... essentially AMVs made from cartoons that aired on Cartoon Network. "Groovies" played during commercial breaks in like the late 90s/early 00s. I'm not sure how many of them I ever saw. The ones that I primarily associate with this series are Rolling and Circles, both by Soul Coughing, which led me to buy their CD "El Oso." There were also some songs from the Powerpuff Girls CD "Heroes & Villains" (which I also bought, though by the time I started this page, I had forgotten that they were used in Groovies videos, and now I can't remember if those are what led me to buy the album, or if it was something else). I also find Gorilla 4 Sale memorable. And Josie and the Pussycats' Musical Evolution was pretty awesome. And I'm sure if I rewatched more Groovies on YouTube, I'd remember them. Anyway... it was a fun, totally random sort of series.

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