I haven't seen enough of this season to rate it.

Miracle Workers: Dark Ages, on TBS
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This seems to be alternately considered either the second season of "Miracle Workers," or as a second series. Either way, it seems to make "Miracle Workers" as a whole into an anthology-by-season series (like, say, Blackadder or American Horror Story). Whereas the first season was set in the present, the second season is, as the title suggests, set in the Dark Ages. The same actors return, but playing entirely different characters. And after watching the first episode, I can't even see any reason to call it "Miracle Workers," because so far there's been nothing miraculous about it. There are no angels or anything, just ordinary people living ordinary medieval lives. So the plot of this season seems to have no connection to the plot of the first season, even thematically or genre-wise. But I'm finding it amusing enough.

It will probably also be awhile before I get around to detailing specifically what the season is like and who the characters are, this time around. But I do want to quote TBS's page for the season: "Miracle Workers goes back in time for its next installment, Miracle Workers: Dark Ages. Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi, Geraldine Viswanathan, Karan Soni, Jon Bass and Lolly Adefope return in new roles and face new challenges as a group of medieval villagers who are trying to stay positive in an age of extreme income inequality, poor healthcare and widespread ignorance." And like, wow, it is sad how clearly they've drawn a comparison between that age and the present. (I mean, obviously that's implied. Right?)

Update: due to an onset of executive dysfunction, I missed most of the season, so for now my review is over. I hope someday to watch the whole season and write a proper review.

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