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Profiler, on NBC
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About a branch of the FBI, the Violent Crimes Task Force. Anyway, for most of the series the lead character was Samantha Waters (Ally Walker). Anyway, originally I put this in the paranormal category, because Sam had a psychic talent for getting flashes of things that had happened around places or things. I can't really explain. But ultimately, I don't really think of it as that paranormal... Anyway, she was a profiler for the VCTF, and worked with some other folks there to solve murders.

There was one serial killer who they called "Jack of All Trades," who had killed Sam's husband and seemed to think he was in love with her or something. I dunno. He killed a lot of people, and was a major recurring villain who they tried for a long time to catch. Though of course there were plenty of unrelated cases the team worked on each week. Later on Sam left the show and was replaced by another profiler, Rachel Burke, who had a similar gift. But I never really watched many of her episodes (though I did see the character on one episode of The Pretender, which Sam had previously appeared in an episode of, as well). Of course, I missed a great many of of Sam's eps, as well. But still, a pretty decent show, and it might be nice to see again, sometime.

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