I haven't seen enough of this to rate it.

Law & Order, on NBC
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The series originally ran for 20 seasons, from 1990-2010. It was revived in 2022.

I have rarely watched any of this, but whenever I did, I always thought it was a really good show. Good stories, good acting, all that. The first half of each episode is about the police detectives investigating crimes and catching suspects, the second half is about the lawyers prosecuting those suspects. Fairly simple yet interesting concept, cop show and lawyer show rolled into one. There are of course also several spin-off series, but I haven't seen those ones at all. I expect they're good, too. Anyway, I feel kinda bad about not watching more of this than I have. Then again, it lasted for 20 seasons, and I certainly never cared about it enough to watch that much of it.

Actually, in 2022 Last Week Tonight did an episode about Law & Order that made me kind of glad I've seen so little of it. Sounds like the show glorifies police and prosecutors to a degree that is very much at odds with reality.

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