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Hawaii Five-0, on CBS
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This is another new series that has been "reimagined," based on an older series of the same name (much like Battlestar Galactica). Speaking of which, one of the characters here is played by Grace Park, who appeared in that series as a female character that had been male in the original series. And the character she plays in this series... is a female who was male in the original series. Anyway, the original Hawaii Five-O ran from 1968 (7 years before I was born) til 1980 (when I turned 5). So it's kind of before my time, though I've long been vaguely aware of it, if only for the theme music, the phrase "Book 'em, Danno," and the name of the star (Jack Lord). And that's all I really knew about it, so I can't compare the new series to the original, at all. Except to say the theme music is pretty much the same, and the phrase "Book 'em, Danno" is used, if somewhat ironically.

Anyway. The main character is Steve McGarrett, a Navy SEAL who I guess grew up in Hawaii, whose father was a cop, who gets killed in the pilot. And Steve wants to find his killer, so he accepts a job from the governor, who is setting up a task force that I guess basically has carte blanche to do whatever it takes to bring down especially dangerous criminals such as the one who killed Steve's father. That guy, Victor Hesse, was apparently killed by Steve at the end of the pilot episode, though in the second ep we learn his body wasn't found, so... who knows, maybe he'll show up again later. Meanwhile, Steve's new partner is a cop named Danny "Danno" Williams (Danno is just something his daughter Grace calls him, and he doesn't want Steve calling him that, but he does so anyway). Danny doesn't like Hawaii in general, and he doesn't seem to get along well with Steve, as they have very different ways of doing things. But nevertheless, they make a good team. Also on Steve's team is an ex-cop named Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Dae Kim). Chin Ho was, I guess, falsely accused of... like taking bribes or something, I forget. So he's off the force now, but Steve's dad believed in him, so Steve believes in him, even if no one else in the police department seems to. Also Chin Ho has a cousin named Kona "Kono" Kalakaua (Park), who graduates the police academy by the end of the second episode, I guess. And she's part of Steve's team. She's quite capable, though her cousin is still somewhat protective of her. (Both actors are Korean, but I think their characters are supposed to be Hawaiian.)

I don't really know what else to say. I only watched as far as the first episode of season 2 (to see how a cliffhanger from the first season finale was resolved). After that I quit. It's a decent show, but I just wasn't interested enough to continue.

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