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Boston Legal, on ABC
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First of all, I should say I'd kind of like to put this in the "quirky" category. Because while it can be serious about some of the issues it addresses, it can also be incredibly wacky and weird and silly and... you know, quirky. But whatevs, it's not important. I should also say I could swear I'd updated this review at some point closer to the end of the series, but if so, I can't find the updated version, which is odd. Meh well, also not important....

This is a spin-off of The Practice, which I hadn't watched in years, when I started watching this, another show about a Boston law firm (Crane, Poole, and Schmidt), because I generally like creator David E. Kelley's shows, and because there are some familiar actors, including Mark Valley, though he doesn't seem to get to do much on this show; Rene Auberjonois; and most importantly, William Shatner as Denny Crane, who is certainly a most important and interesting character- one of the senior partners in the firm's name, and a really great lawyer, though he has a huge ego, while simultaneously worries that he may not be as good as he used to be. My favorite character is Alan Shore (James Spader), who's rather funny and clever, even if I don't always like the guy- though he does grow on you. I guess he was on the Practice, but that was long after I stopped watching. Denny and Alan seem to be pretty good friends, and certainly get along better with each other than with anyone else. And eventually Candice Bergen joined the show, as Shirley Schmidt, another of the senior partners in the firm. I wish I could tell you about some of the other lawyers on this show, but I don't really care much about them, I'm afraid.

Dunno what else to tell you. Just there's some interesting cases and stuff. It can be both quite amusing and quite serious and interesting. I didn't always watch it consistently, and near the end I hardly watched at all, though I did see the series finale, and it was pretty fitting, I thought.

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