tek's rating: ¼

Zeke and Luther, on Disney XD
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This is a show about a couple of teenagers named Zeke and Luther, best friends who want to become professional skateboarders. Luther Waffles is kinda weird and dumb, but funny... and not really the weirdest or dumbest person on the show. Zeke (whose last name we don't learn til a good way into season 2) is more normal. They have an annoying rival in another skateboarder called Kojo. Zeke has a cute little sister named Ginger (Ryan Newman), who's clearly smarter than either of them, and perhaps a bit evil, but not as much as the little sisters on some other shows like "Drake & Josh" or Phil of the Future (even if she reminds me a bit of Megan and Pim, respectively). There are a few other recurring characters, like Don, who runs a local donut shop, and Olivia, who Zeke has a crush on (though I think she only appeared a few times in the first season). Other recurring characters include kids named Ozzie Kepphart, Kirby Cheddar, bully brothers called the Plunks, Ginger's friend Poochie McGruder, a boy called Stinky Cast (who has a crush on Ginger, though she doesn't like him), and Lisa Grubner (who has a crush on Zeke, but he doesn't like her). There are also a number of adults in recurring roles, including a former astronaut named Jumpsuit Johnson (who's often annoyed at Zeke and Luther), and Deputy Dingle.

And there's not much I can say, really. Episodes have fairly simple plots. It's not a great show, but it's not bad, either. It's mildly amusing, a bit quirky, doesn't annoy me the way some shows can (such as Drake & Josh). It's kinda fun to watch, but I don't really care about it much. Still, I keep watching, though I'm sure I've missed some episodes. (And I missed all of season 3, because I lost access to the network.)

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