tek's rating: ½

Naturally, Sadie, on Family (Canada) / Disney Channel (USA)
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This is a Canadian show, but I watched it on Disney. It's about this teenaged girl named Sadie Hawthorne, who's into science and nature, and tries to compare her studies of nature to human behavior. She's got an annoying older brother named Hal, who's in a band called Morning Breath, that isn't very good; and a best friend named Margaret Browning-Levesque, and another friend named Rain Papadakis. And then there are some mostly annoying characters like Mallory and Ron. And Sadie has a job, I think, at a pet store or veterinary clinic or something like that. I dunno. She goes to her boss for advice a lot, though. At least in the first season. Also in the first season, Sadie has a crush on a boy named Owen Anthony, but in the second season she's more interested in a boy named Ben Harrison, who actually I think is a much better match than Owen. Dunno what else to say about the show. I think it's just sort of okay. I don't know if I ever saw all of the series, but I wouldn't mind watching it again someday. I don't remember it very well now, though I definitely found it somewhat interesting.

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