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Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, on Global (Canada) / Discovery Kids (USA)
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Caution: spoilers.

Well, I watched as much of this as I could on NBC on Saturday mornings. There's this group of kids who investigate strange things that happen at their boarding school, which they sometimes call "Black Hole High," because there is a black hole there. Or a wormhole, rather. ("Black Hole High," in fact, is an alternate name for the series, though I'm not clear which title came first, or whatever.) The main girl in this group seems to be the new student, Josie Trent. The others in this little "science club" are Josie's roommate, the neat and studious Corinne Baxter (Shadia Simmons), Lucas Randall, a sort of nerdish conspiracy theorist, his friend and roommate, the more social Marshall Wheeler, and Vaughn Pearson, who the rest of the club don't entirely trust... Their science teacher, Professor Zachary (or "Z" for short) also kinda helps figure out the weird stuff that goes on. And there's a mysterious janitor who seems to know stuff. And this guy named Victor Pearson who runs some research company called Pearadyne, he seems to be a bad guy, which is why the other kids don't quite trust his son, Vaughn. There's also Principal Amanda Durst, with whom some of the kids often get in trouble. It's not really clear how much, if anything, she knows about the odd things that go on. But she has to deal with Pearson a lot, because he's a benefactor to the school and like, on the board of directors, or whatever.

Well, so... I haven't seen all of the show, and I don't remember all that I have seen. But there's a wormhole in Professor Z's office, which seems to be the source of the strange things that happen around the school. And the strange things generally have something to do with whatever lesson he's teaching in science class, though that usually seems to be remarkably coincidental. Of course, these lessons exist basically, I think, to make the show educational, since it is a Discovery Kids show, after all. But sometimes the connections between science and main plot seem tenuous at best. And the lessons tend to differ wildly in level; some things I think should have been learned in grade school, others in advanced theoretical physics classes, like university level. Anyway, sometimes the kids travel through the wormhole, back in time. And there was an explosion at Pearadyne in 1987, at which point Vaughn's mother disappeared. And... I dunno, everything was pretty cyclical. Like there was this Baoding ball (or as I think they call it, "chi ball") that got energized by the wormhole, but it was taken from the Pearadyne lab at one point and brought back in time, where it was acquired by young Victor Pearson, who used it to power a device he and his wife later created, which was responsible for the creation of the wormhole.... Weird. Another important thing that happened at one point was that a clone of Josie was inadvertently created, but the janitor sent her away somewhere. She'd show up from time to time after that, and became very important, even if no one else really knew she was still... involved... until the end of the series.

Well, anyway, I can't begin to describe all the weird things that happened. But there were more normal things, too, like Vaughn and Lucas both liked Josie, and I guess she liked both of them, so that was complicated. And of course, Vaughn didn't completely trust his father, but he was also upset that his friends didn't trust him, and meanwhile his main concern was that someday he hoped to find his mother. There was also some mystery about Josie's mother, who apparently used to work with Victor. And, I dunno... just all sorts of mysteries. But, the series finale, "Conclusions," pretty well answered all the questions, so that was good. I think it had a few flaws, but that's not important. Basically I was happy with how it all ended. And... I guess that's all I can say.

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