tek's rating: ½

Beakman's World, on TLC / syndication / CBS
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Zaloom! This Saturday morning kids' show was pretty cool. You could learn about science and stuff, of course, but it was really fun. We have this wacky scientist named Beakman with hair that was more Kramerish than Kramer's (from Seinfeld). There was a giant rat in a man suit... um, I mean, a giant man in a rat suit... named Lester, who was pretty funny. There were three different girls who were also on the show, at different times. In season one it was Josie (Alanna Ubach), who was my absolute favorite. In seasons 2-3 it was Liza, who was okay, too (I knew her from Amazing Live Sea Monkeys). In season 4 it was Phoebe, who was also okay. Anyway, there were also a couple penguins who would watch the show and comment on it, Don and Herb. They were funny. I dunno what else to say. I miss this show. It was way better than Bill Nye the Science Guy (though that show was okay, too). Anyway...

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