horror shows

Okay, here's the thing. I wanted a section where I can link to my reviews of shows that contain a fair amount of horror in them. Most of those are already listed in my supernatural & paranormal shows section, but not all of those are things I would consider "horror," and there are some shows that I do consider horror that are in other sections of my TV reviews. I also have a page called Halloweenish movies, in which I've listed not just movies but also various shows that I think would be appropriate to watch around Halloween... but not all of those are necessarily horror, either. So what I really wanted to do is make a section specifically to list any of my TV reviews that definitely are horror, whether or not they have any supernatural elements, and whether or not they have any specifically Halloweenish elements. Of course, some of the things I list here will include more horror elements than others, and there will also be plenty of things I don't list here that are at least somewhat horror-like. (Most such things will likely still be listed on one of the pages linked to above or below. Also note that while I include horror miniseries here, I don't include TV movies; for those, see Halloween TV movies.)

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