I couldn't possibly rate this.

French in Action, on PBS
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This was made in 1987, as part of a course created by Yale professor Pierre Capretz to teach the French language. I'm not sure when I first saw it... could have been in the 80s, or more likely the 90s. I never watched it regularly, and I never learned to speak French. The point was basically to teach the language by showing a combination of sort of regular lessons with dramatized scenes involving fictional characters, living their daily lives, interacting with each other. Not a bad idea, helping people understand a language by seeing how it's used in real life by native French-speakers. However... the only real reason I, and probably a lot of the show's fans, watched it was because one of the characters, Mireille, was so freaking gorgeous. Aside from not learning the language, I also have very little idea what any of the plot was about. I'm sure some fans enjoyed the plot, but... yeah, the main draw was always to ogle Mireille.

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