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The 1900 House, on Channel 4 (UK) / PBS (USA)
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I had completely forgotten this show existed until I was looking at old listings on TV Tango. I don't really remember any specifics anymore, but I'm sure I found the show interesting when I watched it, which must have been in 2000. It was a limited series consisting of four hourlong episodes on PBS, though it seems there were ten episodes (each a half hour, I think) on Channel 4 in the UK (probably they included some material that never aired here). Anyway, it was about this modern British family, the Bowlers, who moved into a house that had been redesigned in a fashion consistent with houses of the year 1900, which meant no modern conveniences. The Bowlers had to dress and behave like people of that era, for three months. Which, of course, was challenging. And I guess that's all I can think to say.

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