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American Gods, on Starz
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Can't watch this since I don't get Starz, but I'd probably want to read the book first, anyway.

Game of Thrones, on HBO
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A fantasy series based on a series of books I've never read. But both the books and the TV adaptation are hugely popular, so I'd like to at least try to check out the show someday.

Legend of the Seeker, in syndication
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I remember reading about this before it premiered, and it sounded like something I'd like to see, but I couldn't figure out if or when it would air on any channel I got. I don't think it did, the week it was supposed to start, but syndication is a tricky thing. And eventually it probably did air on a channel I got, at some obscure time, and I didn't realize it until it was too late. And I'm not sure it aired consistently, anyway. But whatever, someday I might like to check it out.

The Magicians, on Syfy
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I've been unable to check this out because I don't currently get Syfy.

Outlander, on Starz
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This is based on books I haven't read, but it's got an interesting premise, and it's well-reviewed. So I'd like to watch it, but I don't currently get Starz.

Robin of Sherwood, on ITV (UK)
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I didn't see much of this. Would certainly be nice to see the whole series someday... It's a fairly good version of Robin Hood, anyway. Seemed to have some Druidic stuff mixed in, or something. (Which is why I think I might classify it as "fantasy." But if I see it and write a review, I might end up calling it "period" or "action/adventure" or something.)

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