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Dawson's Creek, on The WB
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I only really saw the first season. In fact I missed the last episode of that season, maybe the last few, I dunno. After that I didn't have a chance to watch the show much for a couple seasons I guess, but then I saw the occasional episode and didn't really like it. But I really loved the first season (so I probably would've given it a higher rating at the time). Back then it was pretty well-written and acted, with interesting characters and situations and stuff. A lot of people seemed to complain about how smart and erudite these teenagers were, but that's just stupid, because personality and intelligence and vocabulary have nothing necessarily to do with age. Brilliant, smart, normal, below normal, and dumb people come in all ages. Obviously. So it was cool to see some clever and witty teenagers, for a change (most teenagers you saw on TV at the time were decidedly dumber than the average real-life teen). But later it seemed to just become another teen show, from what little I saw of it. Surely on a higher level than most, but still a bit dumbed-down from what it once was. Still, maybe if I watched the reruns in proper order, I'd have a higher opinion of the later seasons, maybe not.

Anyway, what else to say? I haven't even described the plot or characters at all. Damn, I should do that, I guess. Um... There was this guy named Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek), who I believe wanted to become a filmmaker. His best friend was Joey Potter (Katie Holmes). Another friend was Pacey Witter (Joshua Jackson), and the main thing I remember about him was that he was, for a time, having an affair with one of his teachers. There was also a girl named Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams), who I guess Dawson was interested in, maybe dated for awhile. I don't really remember. There were plenty of other characters, I suppose, but I don't remember them well. And I know there were some new characters introduced after I stopped watching. One thing I remember is that Dawson's father, Mitch, was played by John Wesley Shipp, who I knew from The Flash. Anyway, there was a great deal of drama, often melodrama I suppose, as well as plenty of humor. And that's all I can think to say. Really, I probably should watch the series again someday, both the season I've seen and those I didn't.... But we'll see.

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