I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Beauty and the Beast, on CBS
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I don't remember this well at all, now, but when it was on, I was definitely a fan. I'm not really sure what genre to call it; I'm tempted to say "fantasy," but it's not quite like that. The only thing really fantastic about it was Vincent (the Beast), but I think he was just like... I dunno, he just didn't exactly look human (mostly human, but with sort of leonine features), for some reason. I don't think there was a fantasy explanation, more like he was a mutant, or something (but not in an X-Men kinda way). And anyway, it's not all that important. The series had a kind of storybook feel to it, and it was romantic, but... it was set in present day New York City, which for the most part was... realistic. There was this woman named Catherine (Linda Hamilton), who was rescued this one time by Vincent (Ron Perlman), who lived in the sewers (aka "the world below"). And they fell in love. (Researching the series now, I find that Catherine was an attorney, which I didn't remember. For some reason I thought she was a reporter. Maybe I was confusing her with April O'Neil?) And there was this guy called Father (Roy Dotrice), who also lived in "the world below," and had raised Vincent after his parents abandoned him for looking like a freak. And there were homeless folks down there too. They were cool and stuff. That's pretty much all I can think to say, but I might like to see it again someday and write a better review (which I might put in a different category, or I might leave here in "drama").

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