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The A Word, BBC One (UK) / SundanceTV (USA)
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A British remake of an Israeli series. Seems like something that might be up my alley, but alas, I don't get Sundance.

Breaking Bad, AMC
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I'm not sure if I got AMC when this started. Probably. But it didn't sound like something that would appeal to me, so I didn't bother to check it out. The years passed, the show remained on the air, and I kept reading about all the critical praise it was getting. So now I'm thinking I should watch it someday, from the beginning.

Broadchurch, ITV (UK)
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A British series that was remade in the U.S. as "Gracepoint." I have no real interest in seeing the remake, but I'd probably like to check out the original, sometime. (I might decide to put the review under "legal & detective shows," or I might just go with "drama.")

Californication, Showtime
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Hey. It's got David Duchovy. And um. A bunch of other people whose work I've enjoyed in other things. So I should try to see this someday.

Dead at 21, MTV
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This is something I recall wanting to see when it was first on, but I didn't have MTV, so... I couldn't. And now I don't know anything to say about it. But it'd be cool if I got a chance to see it sometime. (If I do, I might end up putting the review under another category, like "science fiction" or something. I'm not sure.)

Fargo, FX
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This 2014 series is based on the 1996 film of the same name. I saw the movie on TV at some point, though I don't remember it well. I should totally see it again sometime, and I also want to see this show... but I don't have FX right now, so I dunno when I'll get a chance.

Felicity, The WB
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I didn't have the WB when this premiered, though I think I did by the second season (it ran for four). However, I wasn't going to start watching something after missing a whole season... But over the years I did hear or read about the show, and it seemed like something I'd like to check out someday. Of course, a lot of that could have had to do with Keri Russell being so cute. I don't really recall anything specific I may have read about the show in the past, and it's possible I wouldn't like it much at all, if I ever saw it. But whatever, I'd still like to, someday.

Friday Night Lights, NBC / 101 Network
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So I guess this was based on a movie I didn't see, which was based on a book I didn't read, which was based on a true story. It's about a high school football team. Which explains why I never bothered to watch it, I guess, since I'm not really into sports. But it had a good cast, and apparently it was very popular with some people, though it got poor ratings. Anyway, now I think I'd like to check it out, someday.

Jericho, CBS
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I think this is like some kind of post-apocalyptic thing. But like, I tend to confuse the title with "Jeremiah," another post-apocalyptic series I never saw. Neither of them lasted long, and I think both of them have plenty of fans who are upset about that. I actually did see a very little bit of the latter show in reruns at some point, I think. Anyway, I dunno... maybe I should check this out sometime, if I get a chance.

Life Goes On, ABC
IMDb; Retro Junk;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Warner Bros.; Wikipedia

I didn't get ABC when this aired, but my local CBS station did air it sometimes, on like Saturdays or something. So I saw a little bit of it, but I don't particularly remember anything about it except that Kellie Martin (who I'd later see in Christy) was in it, and I always thought she was cute. She played a girl named Becca, who had a brother called Corky, who had Down Syndrome. And I remember the theme song was "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," which was at least partly sung by the show's cast. Yup, that's all I remember, but it might be nice to see the show from the beginning, sometime.

Mr. Robot, USA Network
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I've read good things about this, so I want to check it out. But I don't currently get USA, so I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to see it.

North of 60, CBC (Canada)
IMDb;;; Wikipedia

This is something I saw a bit of when it was first on, and something I always wanted to see more of, I think. I can't really say anything about it, though. Maybe someday I'll get to see it, and write a proper review.

Riverdale, The CW
Amazon; CW; IMDb;; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikia; Wikipedia

This is sort of based on Archie comics, but with a darker, more modern sensibility. (I think there's a murder mystery thrown into the mix, but I'm not clear on that point.) I think it might be worth checking out, but I don't get the CW right now.

Savannah, The WB
IMDb;; TV Tango; Wikipedia

I couldn't actually tell you anything about this show except that I saw ads for it before it came out, but I didn't have the WB. And I wanted to see this, basically because it starred three hot girls. And one of them was Robyn Lively, of whom I was already a fan from various other things.

Scoop, SRC (Canada)
Doux Reviews; IMDb;

I'm... not even sure what network this was on, but I think it was SRC (aka Ici Radio-Canada), a French network owned by CBC. And I don't remember much about it, but it was dubbed into English, and I remember thinking it was a pretty bad dub job. Although... I think the one character whose voice I would remember at all was the one I thought sounded nothing like he looked, but I have read that it was the same actor dubbing his own lines in English, so that's weird. Anyway, I didn't see much of it; if I'm right about the channel I saw it on, it was one that only came in occasionally, where we lived, and never very clearly. But I could be wrong, because I have no idea why that channel would have dubbed anything into English, so maybe I saw it on a different Canadian channel. Whatever... I really couldn't tell you anything about the show except it was about newspaper reporters. And probably I thought some of the women were attractive. I might like to see the show again someday, for the sake of nostalgia, or whatever. I guess.

Six Feet Under, HBO
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I never had a chance to see this, on account of not getting HBO.

Twin Peaks, ABC
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This originally aired for two seasons, from 1990-91. I never got the chance to see it, but I would read that it was all weird and hard to follow and whatnot, and that always sounded intriguing to me. So I want to see it. But I don't know anything about it. ...Oh, and if I ever get to see the series, after that I suppose i'd like to see the prequel movie Fire Walk with Me. (If I ever do see the series and write a review, I'd probably put it under "weird" or "quirky.") And in 2017, there was a limited series reboot, which I also haven't seen.

Weeds, Showtime
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Yet another show I've never seen just because I don't get Showtime. Oh well, maybe I'll see it someday.

The West Wing, NBC
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I probably could have watched this when it was on, but I wasn't really interested. But now I am. So, hopefully someday I'll get around to watching it.

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