Wrigley's commercials
(see also gum)

I have no idea if this Big Red ad is one I've seen; I don't remember specific commercials, just the song. But there are a couple of Doublemint ads I must have seen. And an animated Winterfresh ad. And a couple of Juicy Fruit ads (an old 80s one, then a more recent funny "Happville Junction" ad). Then several Extra ads.

I think the first ad here is probably the first one I ever saw for Extra, in the 80s. Then one I remember from the early 90s that's really cheesy, but I thought the girls were kinda cute. Then an ad from the late 90s or early 00s, I think, about whale watching. Then one that I think is from 2013, "Origami." (You've probably only seen a shorter version of this on TV; the full-length version here is much more touching.)

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