TV and streaming network & show commercials
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Cartoon Network: "Whiners Can Be Losers", "Anger Management", "Super Friends & Powerpuff Girls"
CBS: "Get Ready" (1990), "The Look of America" (1991)
CNN: "Facts First"
CW: "Supergirl/Wonder Woman" (2017 ad guest starring Lynda Carter and Teri Hatcher)
DirecTV: "Star Trek", "Austin Powers", "Hellboy", then a compilation of "Get Rid of Cable" commercials ("stray animals", "wig shop", "pizzeria", "Charlie Sheen", "grandson with a dog collar", "roadside ditch", "house explodes", "dinner party", "attend your own funeral"), then another of those ads ("lowland gorilla"), then a compilation of "Hannah Davis and Her Horse" ads (that disappeared and needs to be replaced, when I get a chance)
Discovery Channel: "Boom De Yada" (2 minute version), "Ignorance is Bliss", "milk truck" (cats everywhere)
Game Show Network: "Sputnik", "Botulism"
Hub Network: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ("There's a Pony for that", "Equestria Girls")
IFC: a series of ads featuring Hallie Eisenberg as "Christie." (1998)
MTV: "snot logo", "Billy Corgan age 8", "reindeer", "2005 movie awards"
Paramount+: Expedition (Sweet Victory)
PBS: "high drama", "Smell Like a Monster" (Old Spice parody), "cowboys" (on
USA Network: "Characters Welcome" (The Dead Zone/Psych/Monk), "She's Like the Wind" (Westminster Kennel Club dog show)
The WB: "Watch the frog" (A compilation of really brief spots, then a longer individual spot featuring Milo Ventimiglia).

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