Star Wars commercials

These ads aren't necessarily for Star Wars itself. Rather, they're commercials for various products that use Star Wars characters or references or whatever. (In fact I don't really expect to have any commercials for Star Wars, though I guess I can't discount the possibility entirely.)
The playlist includes an old anti-smoking PSA; Energizer Bunny; 2005 MTV Movie Awards; Volkswagen ("The Force"); Verizon LG Spectrum ("Tough Call"); Verizon Halloween; Disney Parks ("I am Your Father"); Campbell's ("Your Father"); Duracell ("Battle for Christmas Morning"); Walmart ("A Very Special Message"); Target 2015 Holiday (chapter 4); Toys R Us ("Like Father, Like Daughter"); Verizon ("a better network"); Duracell ("How the Rebels Saved Christmas"); Google Pixel 2 (The Last Jedi AR Stickers); Disneyland ("Galaxy's Edge"); Samsung ("Connect Your Galaxy This Holiday"); Hallmark ("When You Care Enough to Remember Your Little Rebel"); Danimals ("The Rise of Skywalker"); GE Profile ("The Force of Innovation"); Coca-Cola.
Then a Walmart ad ("A New Generation Awakens") on Vimeo (it used to be on YouTube, but it disappeared). And a 2019 McDonalds ad for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker"

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