Skittles & Starburst commercials
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I'm putting ads for these two types of candy on one page because I have often felt like they were competing against each other in some kind of contest of weirdness one-upsmanship, or something. (The ads are not in chronological order.) Personally, I think Skittles wins (but hey, the whole competition is probably just in my head). But for both candies, I'm gonna start with a few older ads, from the 90s- before they started doing anything really weird.


Rain; Birds; Believe the rainbow; Mentor; Skittles touch; Reflect the rainbow; Piņata; Long beard; Sheep boys; Walrus; Skittlespox; Skittles Touch (Princess, Cat, Dr. Cyclops; War, Zombie tennis, Sasquatch); Hourglass; Sour milk; Leaky ceiling; Telekinesis; Harvest the rainbow; Transplant; Mystery doors; Tube sock; Angel & bike; Bubble gum; French the rainbow; Giant spider; Pet the rainbow; Struck by a rainbow; Steven Tyler; Romance; Witch

She's got skills; Museum; Berries & Cream; Scotch-Korean; Screaming mime; Skinny sumo; Bored to death; Ernie the klepto; Rollerblading twins; Long arms; Beluga & Wetsuits; Friends; Sculpture; Tropical (with Kristen Schaal); Prom date; Llama; Fiesta in my mouth; Scarecrow; Acid; The Streets; Juicy dragon; Michael Bolton; Land of Intensity; Mini Minneapolis; Tiny Jet

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