Pepsi-Cola commercials
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The first playlist starts with a compilation of Ray Charles ads, followed by astronauts; Cindy Crawford; Be Young Have Fun; Jackie Chan and Jay Mohr; "He done it again"; Spice Girls; the Osbournes; a girl in a hotdog costume; goldfish; Sofia Vergara and David Beckham; "We Will Rock You" (Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink); Pepsi Generations. Then there's a playlist of terribly cute and funny ads featuring the adorable young Hallie Eisenberg (see also IFC on the TV networks page). In the second ad features the voice of Marlon Brando; the third Joe Pesci; the fourth Aretha Franklin; the fifth features Halle Berry; the sixth the voice of Isaac Hayes. The last one in the set was played in movie theaters, not on TV. (It features a guest voice, but I don't know who it is.)

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