Old Navy commercials
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Carrie Donovan
There was a long-running series of ads featuring fashion editor Carrie Donovan and Magic the dog (and other celebrities like Morgan Fairchild). It's a shame the video quality is so poor in some of the ads. And I do wish I could find more of them, but this is a good sampling.

Funnovations Inc.
Voiceovers by Fred Willard. One featuring Grandma-bot. One featuring Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence (from Blossom). One featuring perfect puffs.

There's one featuring the song "Clap! Shake! Jump!" by Behavior with Andrea Revel. A cute animated ad about flare jeans. An amusing ad about History class. Then a compilation of ads featuring Julia Louis Dreyfus. Then "New Girl." Then "Alex or Alexandra." Then one that features the song "Let's Go Out" by Vampire Blow (which also includes some cute animation; for some reason I particularly like the look on the polar bear's face when the guy is fishing). Then a series of 2019 holiday ads, a mock talk show called "Old Navy Tonight!" starring Neil Patrick Harris (the fourth ad features Billie Lourd)

A series of amusing ads from 2004. I have five of them in a playlist; not sure if there were any others.

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