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In the late 80s and early 90s, milk's tagline was "it does a body good." This playlist starts with a few bizarre musical ads for kids. Then there's a series that's more for young teens, but... I think the message those ads send is problematic on at least a couple of levels. But still, they're kind of amusing and nostalgic, I guess. Later, there were a ton of ads with the tagline Got milk? starting with 1993's famous "Aaron Burr" ad, and lasting through 2013. I have no idea how many of these ads there have been over the years, but surely there must have been more than I remember (and more than I could find on YouTube). They're pretty amusing, though. I should also mention that I own a copy of the milk mustache book, which collected a bunch of print ads from the 90s (though probablyly not all of them). And I used to have a Got milk? t-shirt with Betty Boop on it, but I don't know what ever happened to that. There's also a series of "Happy cows come from California" ads, which I have on a different page (see link above), but I decided to include one of them on this playlist.

Anyway, the Got Milk? ads that I have on the playlist include (in random order): Aaron Burr, Mr. Miller, Pillsbury Doughboy, Birthday Cake, Super Mario, Where Am I?, Trix, Oreo, Marvel Super Heroes, Animal Crackers, Affair, Lost Milk of Arabia, Magician, Diner, Body Cast, Priest, Basketball, 3 Powerpuff Girls ads, Cat Lady, Isolation Chamber, Salma Hayek, Brave, Cat and Baby, Peanut Butter Dog, Interrogation, Brittlelactica, Dwayne Johnson, and finally a 2015 ad that's actually for the musical Hamilton, which parodies the original Aaron Burr ad.

A 2019 ad called "Big Dogs" (which I can't find on YouTube, so I'm sharing from iSpot). And another 2019 ad which I did find on YouTube, featuring Cookie Monster and Sutton Foster.

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