Mac commercials
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First up is a classic ad from 1984, based on the dystopian book "1984." Then an ad from 1997, which I was reminded of by the new show The Crazy Ones. Then a very touching ad from 2014.

I'm a Mac
I should say up front that I'm a PC, and in the past it has often bothered me how Macs (that is, Mac users) act like Mac computers are so much better than PCs. I've used both, and in my experience, Macs have always been equally prone to all the same problems as PCs. The only difference I see is how the operating systems are set up, and I don't think one is better than the other... I think it's just a matter of which OS each individual user happens to be more comfortable with. And I prefer Windows. (I suppose you can get that on Macs these days; that's not something I've ever tried.) That said, I always liked this series of Mac ads, because in spite of sustaining what I consider to be an erroneous claim of Mac's insusceptibility to PC's problems, I find the ads amusing, and I like how the personifications of "Mac" and "PC" are actually friends. (And of course, I like the fact that the ads play on the fact that computer users had been calling themselves Macs and PCs for years before this campaign ever started.)

Btw, I have no idea how many ads have actually been made in this series, but I'll try to include whatever I can find on YouTube. First up is a compilation, then some individual ads. (I'm sure these are not in proper order.) A bunch of the ones I had here have stopped working, so I may try to replace them at some point, but that could be problematic, since I don't specifically remember what I did have. Anyway...


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