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This page is for any insurance companies for which I don't have a lot of ads. Esurance and Geico have their own pages. I'll also include other kinds of financial ads here, like banking and investments.

There have been a ton of these ads, but for the most part I don't care about them. There's a cool Christmas one, though. And one I like basically because at the end of the commercial there's a worm doing "the Worm."

There have been a ton of ads featuring "Mayhem" (Dean Winters), but for some reason I never put any of them here. I should change that when I have more time. For now, I'm starting with the 2019 ad "Cat". Then "St. Bernard," which features Tina Fey (which is kind of meta, since she and Winters previously worked together on 30 Rock). ...I could also stand to consider adding some Allstate ads other than the Mayhem series, maybe some of the Dennis Haysbert ads, and some other random ads.

Bank of America
Ugly Sweater Party

CU Promise

Farmers Insurance
There's a long-running series of ads featuring J.K. Simmons as Professor Nathaniel Burke of the University of Farmers. I used to have a bunch of ads in this series on their own page, but eventually they all disappeared from YouTube, and now I don't even remember what any of them were about, specifically, so it would be hard to look for replacements. Some that I did later find include "Mer-Mutts," "Parking Splat", "Sandtrap Scavengers", "Rooftop Parking", "Hit & Drone", "Three-Ring Fender Bender", and some ads featuring Sesame Street Muppets.

Manulife Financial

A playlist, starting with a few ads from before the "Flo" campaign started: "lame date insurance" and "tongue piercing". After that, they'll probably all be ads that feature
Flo (and sometimes her coworker, Jamie). There have been a ton of those I used to have that disappeared from YouTube, and either I don't remember what they were, or I have been unable to find them (such as "The Best Day" and "there's no discount for agreeing with me"). Ones I currently have (unless they've disappeared since the last time I checked) include: "tricked out name tag", "Sonic the hedgehog", "Chick Flick", "Class President" (featuring Aubrey Miller), "Night Terrors", "After School Special","Black & White", "The Newbie", "The Turns We Take" (featuring Susan Lucci), "Existential Crisis", "Jamie's 40th", "The Corning", "Good Morning", "Bigfoot", "Bird's-eye View: Mix It Up".
(A few of the ones that have disappeared include "social disaster insurance", "boredom insurance", "Flodilocks", "Hand Puppet", "Back in Time", "Carnie Wilson", "Magic Apron", "Air Flo", "The Closet", "Real Actors", "Lunchtime", "Halftime Show".)

State Farm
There's an ad I like that involves a "Journey moment," but it keeps getting deleted from YouTube. I don't know why, and it's really annoying. So for now, I don't have it on my playlist. The ones I do have include "Steer Clear Program", "French model", "hot tub", "dark side", "buffalo", "shopping", "Scooby-Doo", "Elvis", "disappearing agents", "Into the Wild", "Like a good neighbaaa".

An ad with some guy who travels around via umbrella. An ad about fears. I had a couple others here, but they disappeared.

Wells Fargo
First a sweet ad ("Souvenir") featuring a trucker and his daughter, with a song called "Walker Music" by Adam Brock (though I thought the singer sounded like Chris Colfer). Then a sweet ad featuring a couple who are learning sign language in preparation for adopting a deaf girl. (The ad caught flak from some bigots because the couple are two women, but most people like it.) Then an amusing ad ("Cat") about a woman who did not make a purchase at Doggie Lover's Warehouse.

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