Halloween commercials
(See also Christmas, other holidays, creepy kids, and Bite Size Horror)

I started this page in fall of 2013, with a couple of new ads, and a few older ones I remembered. But then I did a general YouTube search for Halloween commercials, and found some I'd forgotten, and some I'd never seen. Doubtless there are countless other ads I've forgotten, or never saw, which I haven't found, but would include here if I did. In 2015, I decided to just make a playlist on YouTube, to de-clutter this page. Some of the ads (particularly the older ones) have poor audio and/or video quality, but it can't be helped, I guess. I also eventually started a playlist called "Everyday Monsters," for ads that aren't about Halloween, but would be apt around Halloween. (I moved a few of those ads off the Halloween playlist, but most of them were never on it.)

McDonald's; Laverdiere's; Coors Light (with Elvira); Pizza Hut (Pizza Head); M&M's (party); MTV bumper (Billy Corgan, age 8); Budweiser (costume party); Target (with cutout animation, I guess); M&M's (carving); Walgreen's; Kit-Kat; Snickers (creepy grocery store lady); Verizon (Star Wars costumes); a couple of Walmart ads; Target (Domo-kun); Busch Gardens (Howl-o-Scream); Party City; Snickers (Horseless Headsman); AT&T (it's not complicated); Skittles (giant spider); Subway (sexy costumes); Target (featuring "Diggy" by Spencer Ludwig); ASDA (2017); Party City ("House Battle" and "Wonder Women"); Halloween Horror Nights (directed by Eli Roth); Party City ("The Children are Coming"); ASDA (2018); Kit-Kat (talking pumpkin); M&M's ("ghosted");
2019: GEICO ("Trick or Treat", "Old attic"); Goodwill ("Magical Mysteries"); ASDA ("make your little monsters come alive"); Home Depot (stop-motion); Purple ("Paranormal Activity"); Butterfinger ("The Trickery").

Everyday Monsters:
Starburst (zombie); Ray-Ban (vampires); Osteo Bi-Flex (Frankenstein); Geico (witch); Windows 7 (zombies); Sonic (vampire); Reese's (Frankenstein); Energizer (Wicked Witch); Sprint (zombie); Reese's (Dracula); Honey Nut Cheerios (Frankenstein); Nutrigrain (vampires); Geico (Dracula); Virgin Mobile (stalker); Energizer (King Kong); Sprint PCS (monster in the closet); Radio Shack (Frankenstein); Skittles (zombie); Geico (serial killer); M&Ms (Addams Family); Wheat Thins (yeti); Snickers (Godzilla); Verizon (Twilight); Five Star (zombies); Wonderful Halos (witch); H&R Block (zombie); Spectrum (2 ads, various monsters); LG Mobile (zombies); Twix (ghost & spirit); Skittles (witch); Mucinex (zombies);
2020: Amazon Fire TV (zombie)

Here are a few ads that I used to have on my Halloween commercials playlist, but they disappeared, and now I can only find them on iSpot. First, a Google app ad from 2015, then a Target run ad from 2017. And in 2019 there's a Hershey's/Addams Family ad I could only find on facebook, and a Ring video doorbell ad I could only find on iSpot.

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