fast food commercials
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This page is for any fast food restaurants for which I don't have a lot of ads. Dairy Queen, McDonalds, and Wendy's have their own pages.

Burger King
I really should be able to find more ads for this. But anyway, here's one of some chickens having a confrontation. Kind of odd, but I found it amusing.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
One with a girl who says "Dad, you're not getting my bites." Her dad's funny... and he's played by Jamie Kaler, who I know from My Boys. Then "Nashville Secret" (spicy smoky crispy Nashville hot chicken tenders).

I should be able to find more ads, but here's one featuring a vampire and I guess his girlfriend?

The first ad I like just because the kid is cute and kind of amusing or whatever. Then there's an avocado-themed ad that I found more amusing than I probably should have. (I also had an ad that was kind of lame, but the actor's delivery just cracked me up, especially the "#ouch" part. And it reminded me of a Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake skit. However, that ad stopped working, and I decided I didn't care enough to look for a replacement.)

Taco Bell
I should be able to find more ads, but here are just a couple of the many 1990s ads featuring the talking chihuahua. Then an ad featuring some lions having an amusing conversation about carne asada. Then an amusing ad about a silver dollar that's a family heirloom. Then a couple of ads from 2017 that are like old anti-pot propaganda films. Then a 2018 ad, "Web of Fries" fake movie trailer. Then a 2019 fake movie trailer, "Retrieval."
In 2014 there was a series of ads with a couple of old guys complaining about Taco Bell's new breakfast menu. The ads are kind of funny because of how ridiculous they are. I mainly like the one I include here because they equate the food with "raves" and "twerking," two words they don't understand, but what really amuses me is the fact that those fads are separated by about 20 years. (I used to have it on my YouTube playlist, but it got deleted and then I could only find it on iSpot.)

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