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Capital One
There have been tons of commercials, featuring people like Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Fallon and a baby, marauding barbarians or vikings or something, and... probably others I've forgotten. And they're okay, but the first time I felt really compelled to include an ad here for Capital One was when Samuel L. Jackson did one... and it actually includes the word "damn." Which is awesome (the whole ad is awesome, of course). Though they quickly stopped airing that version, and replaced "every damn day" with "every single day," which is less awesome. Since then, there have been lots more ads featuring Jackson, which are cool (at least one of them I've only ever seen on Hulu, and haven't been able to find on YouTube). Most of them I'm not interested in including here, though. There have also been tons of ads with Jennifer Garner, which are okay, though the first one I felt like including here featured a guest appearance by's pitchman, Captain Obvious.

There've been a few ads with the tagline "We treat you like you'd treat you," with an actor playing both the customer and the customer support person they call. I found the first few kind of annoying, but then there have been some I found amusing. The first one I liked had an actor I could swear was either Robert Stack or Peter Graves, but couldn't be, because they're both dead. Then there's one I like because it's a surprise twist on the premise of this series of ads. And one that's actually about surprises. And one about frogs that's fun just because it's so silly. And one about a woman thinking of taking a scuba vacation. Then a pair of ads from 2020 ("No we don't charge annual fees" and "Yes we're accepted").

An ad featuring advertising mascots from a bunch of different food products. And one with the song "My Favorite Things." And one with Homer Simpson. And um, and there have been a ton of "Priceless" ads, but I don't really remember them specifically. And there were probably a few ads with voiceovers by Rob Morrow (of Northern Exposure fame), though I couldn't find them on YouTube. Here's a link to one on Retro Junk.

An ad featuring Kevin Bacon; an ad featuring an unfinished tattoo.

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