tek's favorite commercials

There are tons of commercials I feel nostalgic about, thinking back over the years. And there are always new ones to be enjoyed. I'm not going to be able to think of every one I'd like to include here... um, if I thought of them... but I shall do my best to think of as many as possible. And I shall embed videos whenever I can (generally from YouTube), though there may be some I can only find on sites that don't allow embedding (or YouTube may disable embedding on some vids). So I'll just provide links to the site itself, wherever it may be. Oh, and there are probably any number of things I find nostalgic in a vague way, and could find some ads for, but just won't bother... like Charlie the Tuna in Starkist ads, Morris the cat in 9 Lives ads, Nipper (and later Chipper) in RCA ads, um... the Vlasic pickles stork, the Green Giant, etc.... But at least I thought I should mention them in passing.

But there are also some commericals I love, but just can't find online. Like an ad for Heinz salsa ketchup that used the song "Makin' Whoopee." And one I think for Silk soy milk, with a little girl who describes her career plan, which ends with her ultimate goal of becoming a director. And I think there was a Pepsi ad that had a song to the tune of "Ode to Joy." And a "ParticipACTION" commercial about the tortoise and the hare. Another ad I can't find is for Razcal soda (possibly there were a series of ads). I don't remember anything specific about that except the tagline, "Nobody famous drinks it." (Man, I miss that soda.) And a Gossamer Bay commercial featuring the Louis Armstrong song "Just One of Those Things." And a Sweet 'n Low commercial featuring Marj Dusay. And the ad with the line "ATM fix everything," which I don't remember if it was for Visa or MasterCard or what, but I'm shocked that I can't find it online.

And... yeah, I'm sure there are lots of commercials I can't find (some of which I mention on specific pages). If anyone knows where to find commercials I mention here, please let me know. You can do so by visiting my message board, Volcano Mountain, where you could also just discuss any of the ads I already have here. Or mention ads you like, which I might consider including here. Or let me know if a video I had here has been deleted at the source. (It deeply irritates me when this happens; do companies just dislike free advertising for their products, or what?)

Finally, let me mention that my inclusion of any ads on my site should not be taken as a personal endorsements of the products in those ads. Some I like, some I don't care about one way or the other. I probably won't include any ads for products I actually dislike, unless it's a really good ad. But that's the point: all the ads here are here because I like the ads themselves. What they're advertising is generally irrelevant.

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