I don't remember/haven't seen enough of this to rate it.

The Jetsons, on ABC / syndication
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This was a space-age animated sitcom, set in the distant future, just as The Flintstones was a Stone Age sitcom, set in the distant past. I think of it as a classic series, but I never saw as much of it as I did of The Flintstones, so I'm not that familiar with it. It was about George Jetson, his wife, Jane, their teenage daughter, Judy, and their young son, Elroy. And they had a dog named Astro, and a robot maid named Rosie, and George worked at a company run by a guy named Mr. Spacely. And that's all I can tell you. It might be nice to see reruns someday, but it's not terribly important to me.

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