I don't remember this show well enough to rate it.

Bewitched, on ABC
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I don't think I ever saw a lot of this show, and now I don't remember it well. I think if I watched it now I'd like it better than I did when I watched reruns when I was younger. Anyway, it was about this painfully normal, boring guy named Darrin Stephens (played originally by Dick York, and later by Dick Sargent), who was married this beautiful woman named Samantha, who turned out to be a witch (played by Elizabeth Montgomery). Um... I should mention the basic premise was kind of similar to I Dream of Jeannie, and it would be natural to compare the two shows, in much the same way that one might compare The Addams Family and The Munsters. Basically, Darrin loves Samantha, but he doesn't want her using her magic. Though she has a bunch of relatives we occasionally see a bit of, who I guess don't understand why she wants to be with this ordinary mortal. I can't really say I get it either, though I do get how frustrating it could be for him having to deal with her use of magic. I think the show could be kind of ridiculous, though not as ridiculous as "Jeannie." Looking back now, I can see it's also kind of got a feminist theme, with the wife being more powerful than her husband and all. (This is similar to Jeannie, except that she, in spite of doing things that her "master" didn't want her doing, well... she still called him Master, unlike Samantha, who was in her way sort of a bridge between the 50s ideal housewife and the 60s liberated woman.) Anyway, I don't know what else to say, but I definitely should try to watch it again someday. See if I can enjoy the sitcomminess as well as looking beyond that to see some kind of "message," or whatever.... It'll be hard, I imagine, because I really think it was incredibly sitcommy, as the 60s was pretty much the decade that defined "sitcom." But then again, it was also the decade that defined "message." In any event... whatever else Samantha may have been (for both good and ill), she was damn easy on the eyes.

There was a theatrical remake of Bewitched in 2005. Sort of.

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