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The Addams Family, on ABC
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An altogether ooky classic, which ran from 1964-66. The show was based on a series of one-panel cartoons by Charles Addams, though I've never seen any of them. The subject of the show is a strange (and fairly wealthy) family, including Gomez Addams, his wife Morticia, and their children, a girl named Wednesday and a boy named Pugsley. There's also Uncle Fester, and a manservant named Lurch, a disembodied hand called Thing, and occasionally Cousin Itt visits, oh and there's also Grandmama. And probably some other characters who show up from time to time. Honestly, I don't remember the show that well in detail, but... it was kinda cool. And weird. Unlike the Munsters, the Addamses didn't really seem like monsters, per se... they were just very unusual. They liked stuff that normal people might consider macabre or excessively violent (not that they ever hurt anyone, except perhaps themselves, and I daresay they were somewhat masochistic). And they didn't realize that people found them strange or frightening; I think they fancied themselves completely normal and friendly. Gomez seemed like the most normal one, in appearance, and his personality was generally quite upbeat. And while Morticia was always more composed, more subtle than Gomez, and somewhat gothic in appearance, Gomez was clearly quite passionately in love with her. But... aside from the core family unit, there were some characters who were decidedly not normal in appearance. Lurch was very tall and scary-looking, and always seemed to be annoyed, though he never said much (I think he was the only one who understood that they weren't normal). Fester kinda looked like he escaped from a sideshow, and Grandmama was vaguely witchlike, maybe. And Cousin Itt was just a short, walking pile of hair, more or less, and I don't think anyone but the Addamses could understand what he said. I don't really know what else to say about the show, but it was fairly amusing.

There were, in the 1990s, a few movies based on the series: The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, and a direct-to-video movie I've never seen and probably never will. Before any of that, there was at least one cartoon and one live-action series (remake) which I never saw. And later still, an Addams Family musical on Broadway (and on tour). Of course I'll never get to see that, and anyway, the cast has changed since it started, and I'd rather see the original players. In 2019 there was a CGI movie, followed by a sequel in 2021. In 2022, there was a sort of reimagined spin-off called Wednesday.

I would also definitely recommend you check out the webseries Adult Wednesday Addams, which is unauthorized and totally independent, but it's amazing.

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