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Cubix: Robots for Everyone, on SBS & KBS (South Korea) / The WB (USA)
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Well, yeah. This... was a computer generated cartoon... kind of seemed sort of like anime, but not really. (It was made in South Korea.) And um, I dunno. I wasn't that into it, but I watched it for awhile. This kid named Connor and his dad moved to Bubble Town, where there were a lot of robots. Some of them just seemed to have jobs, and some of them were like friends to people around town. Mainly kids. Connor became friends with a group of kids, including a girl named Abby, plus Chip and Mong. And they hung out and worked at a robot repair shop called the Botties Pit, which was run by a mechanic named Hela, who was also sort of a friend to the kids. Anyway, Connor fixed up a robot named Cubix, who became his friend. And he could turn into lots of different forms, and helped battle the evil robots of a mad scientist named Dr. K. And aside from that, I don't really remember much. And I didn't really care that much about the show, but still I sort of felt it was worth mentioning.... Oh yeah, and the show had some of the same VAs as Pokemon characters, like Dr. K sounded like Meowth, Hela sounded like Jessie, and apparently Abby had the same VA as Ash and May, though I'm afraid I don't really remember what she sounded like....

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