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She Spies, on NBC / syndication
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This is one of those shows where criminals are released from prison to work for the authorities. In this case, the spy program is created by F.B.I. agent Jack Wilde, whose job is on the line if the spies he recruited don't work out. (It's been called a "Charlies Angels" kind of thing, but I've never seen that show, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it as much as this one.) The spies in question are a con artist named Cassie McBaine, a hacker named D.D. Cummings, and a cat burglar named Shane Phillips. Each week they get a new assignment from Jack. Of course, all three women are totally hot, and one could easily expect the show to be exploitative. Which it kind of is, because it doesn't shy away from using their sex appeal as a hook. But actually, the show is very tongue-in-cheek and self-aware. There's a ton of fourth wall-breaking, which is something I've always enjoyed. And a ton of lampshade-hanging of tropes that don't make sense, which the characters recognize and point out. Just about everything is played for laughs, and there are frequent pauses in the action to focus on such things, or to otherwise totally subvert certain tropes. Which is what makes the show hilarious and fun and awesome.

Um... I think the only one of the regular cast with whom I'm at all familiar from anything else is Natasha Henstridge (Cassie), whom I later saw in The Secret Circle, though she's probably best known for Species. But she's probably my least favorite of the three main characters in this show. My favorite is D.D., who in spite of being probably the smartest one of them is also somewhat ditzy. The main reason I like her is that she kind of reminds me of Chloe from Smallville, mainly because of her hair, probably. The show itself reminds me of any number of other shows, though the main one that comes to mind is Totally Spies! (in spite of the fact that the spies on that show are animated, teenagers, and not criminals). Anyway... I remember watching this show when it originally aired, but I probably didn't get a chance to see it very often, and I don't remember anything specific about it except that it was funny. However, several years later, I started watching it from the beginning on Hulu. I intended to watch the whole series, but I fell out of the habit after a few episodes. I kept meaning to get back to it, but it was a long time before I even looked at Hulu's page for it again, and when I did, I found that it's now just on Hulu Plus, which I don't get. So... I have no idea if or when I'll get back into it.

I should also say I've read that the second season's tone was not as funny or lampshade-hangy as season one. Which I may have noticed myself when it first aired, I forget. In fact, I don't even remember for sure if I ever saw season two....

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