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Dwight in Shining Armor, on BYU TV
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So, this is something I'm aware of because my aunt posted a trailer for it on facebook in October 2018. And it looked like it could be kind of fun, plus it stars Sloane Morgan Siegel (whom I knew from Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street). The show started in March 2019, and it was only a few days before the premiere that I realized it would be a TV series, not a web series. And that I discovered I actually get BYUtv on Dish. Well, it's not a particularly high quality show; it's mostly really silly, but I find it amusing enough to keep watching. Each season has just 10 episodes.

Season 1
Anyway, Siegel plays a high school kid named Dwight. One day he's out in the local woods looking for an owl to take a picture of (for a friend). He suddenly falls into a deep cavern, and lands on a sleeping warrior princess named Gretta. The fall causes an accidental kiss, which awakens both Gretta and her wizard protector, Baldric. They inform Dwight that they'd been sleeping there for about a thousand years, ever since Baldric cast a spell that could only be broken when Gretta was kissed by the person who was destined to be her champion. They had been besieged by many enemies who wanted to usurp Gretta's kingdom, and all those enemies had also been put to sleep by the spell. Now that the spell has been broken, they've all awakened, and will be seeking Gretta. And Dwight has to protect her. Of course, he's no warrior, but he does know how to live in the 21st century. So he'll have to teach Gretta and Baldric how to act (not that they actually change much; most people just think they're actors in some medieval fantasy movie, or something). He also uses his modern ways of thinking to deal with Gretta's enemies in ways that don't actually involve fighting. The first of these is a guy named Chlodwig, who becomes an ally at the end of the pilot. In episode 4, the enemy is an old witch named Hexela, who apparently has a romantic past with Baldric. By the end of her episode, she's created a potion that restores her youth. After that, she becomes sort of ally-ish, though not necessarily entirely trustworthy. And... there may be a couple of other important characters we meet in other episodes, but I'm not sure right now if I need to mention them.

Season 2
The first season ended on a cliffhanger, involving an enemy named Sir Aldred. He's defeated at the start of season two, and after that the rest of the season is mostly standalone adventures each week. And I don't know what else to say about it.

Season 3
Okay, so I need to mention that Sir Aldred had turned out to be a Tovenar. The Tovenars were a brotherhood of extremely powerful, evil sorcerers who couldn't be killed, at least not for keeps. But long ago, the brotherhood was defeated and their bones buried in different locations around the world, to prevent them from coming back to life. In season 3, Aldred returns and starts collecting bones of one Tovenar, and eventually resurrects him. The two of them plan to continue finding bones of all the thousands of other Tovenars, but Dwight and his friends must stop them by extinguishing the eternal flame that allows the Tovenars to regenerate. Of course the good guys beat the bad guys by the end of the season, but there were plenty of standalone adventures each week for most of the season, which didn't involve Tovenars.

Season 4
There's really no story arc this season, just standalone adventures. Though we do see various characters from past seasons return. And there are a few episodes with the ghost of a berserker named Kirk, who becomes a friend of the main group, before finally moving on to the afterlife. Not sure what else to say.

Season 5
Details coming sooner or later.

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