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This started in 1951, which makes the series twenty-four years older than me. It originally aired on NBC, but I more commonly associate it with CBS, on which it aired from 1979-89, and from 1995-2011. It aired on ABC from 1989-95, and from 2011-present. It was, I guess, a weekly series through 1955, but after that it seems that it's only aired at sporadic times throughout each year. (Note, some of the movies that originally aired as part of this series may have subsequently aired on Hallmark Channel or Hallmark Movie Channel, but I'm pretty sure no Hall of Fame movies originated on those channels.)

Anyway... what it is is an anthology or showcase of TV movies. It's something I suppose I was vaguely aware of, throughout my childhood, but I was rarely sure when it was going to be on, and it really wasn't that important to me. In fact, I never saw a lot of the movies that aired as part of this, and if I did see something, I may not have been aware that it was a part of this series. Though there were some movies I was aware of being a part of it, which I had some interest in watching, but... somehow I didn't manage to do so. But I'm sure most of the movies wouldn't have been of interest to me, anyway. Still, I'm sure I'd like to see some of them, someday. As for the more recent movies that air as part of the series... um... I dunno. If I hear of one, I'll give it the same consideration I would any other TV movie, when deciding whether or not to watch, regardless of its being a Hallmark movie.

The Secret Garden is actually the one thing I know for sure that I saw. It first aired in 1987, but I suspect I didn't see it until at least a couple years later. I feel like I might have seen "The Corsican Brothers" (1985). I remember being aware of "Foxfire" (1987), but I don't remember whether I watched it. I probably watched "April Morning" (1988). I remember being aware of "Sarah, Plain and Tall" (1991), and "O Pioneers!" (1992), and "Skylark" (1993), and "To Dance With the White Dog" (1993), and I'm sure I had a vague interest in all those things, but somehow I never watched them. I'm fairly sure I watched "What the Deaf Man Heard" (1997), but I don't remember anything about it, really. I probably saw a little bit of "Ellen Foster" (1997). I was aware of "Riding the Bus with My Sister" (2005), but I had no interest in watching it. I was aware of "A Smile as Big as the Moon" (2012), but I didn't watch it. I was aware of "Christmas in Conway" (2013), but I didn't watch it. It's quite possible there were other movies I was aware of over the years, but reading the full list on Wikipedia didn't ring any bells for me, really. In any event, I would definitely be interested in watching some of the things I've listed here, particularly the ones from the '90s. But some of them I still probably wouldn't be interested in. And of course there are a ton of other Hallmark movies from over the years that... I might like if I bothered to watch, or might not like, but I'll almost certainly never bother watching any of the ones I don't even remember hearing of.

I will, of course, put links here to reviews of any Hallmark Hall of Fame movies I do end up watching.

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