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The Weekenders, on ABC (s1-2) / UPN (s3) / Toon Disney (s4)
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The show at first seemed to me kind of like a rip-off of Recess, except with kids in their early teens instead of pre-adolescents. (And of course the fact that this took place mostly on the weekend, as opposed to Recess, which obviously took place mostly during the school week.) But eventually I came to appreciate this show in its own right. It's set in the town of Bahia Bay, where the main characters, Tino Tonitini, Carver Descartes, Tish Katsufrakus, and Lor McQuarrie (of whom Lor is my favorite)... uh, well, they do stuff... on the weekend. That's pretty much the show. I dunno what to say, except it can be kinda funny and a little kooky or quirky or something. And they tend to learn valuable life lessons, I guess. And the pizza place they hang out at keeps trying bizarre new concepts, and I don't just mean their recipes. And Tino's tagline/catchphrase "later days" sounded really lame the first several times I heard it, but eventually I got used to it, and occasionally they actually do a mildly amusing twist on it or something. There are also some vaguely interesting recurring characters, I guess. I think Tino's mom is pretty cool. Yep, that's all I can think to say, for now. So... later days.

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