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The Tick, on FOX
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This Saturday morning cartoon first aired in 1994, though I didn't get to see it until 1995. I've never read the comic books on which it was based, but in 2010 I did read a new series of Tick comics. Also I should mention that in 2001 there was a live-action series of the same name, though it wasn't as good as the cartoon.

The cartoon was just... hysterical and so incredibly absurd and wacky and kinda nuts, and the characters were great... I don't know what I can say. You just have to watch it. The Tick himself is pretty dumb, big and blue, very strong and nigh invulnerable, totally dedicated to fighting evil, and IMO the greatest philosopher of all times. Arthur is an accountant in a moth suit. He's great. Die Fledermaus is kind of like Batman, except that he never does anything and is terribly vain. American Maid is... well, a very competent crime-fighter. Sewer Urchin is the apotheosis of cool. Chairface Chippendale is the best villain; there were other good ones, but I think my second favorite villain is the Fin. Oh, and Brainchild was an okay villain, but I was really fond of his little sister, Amelia.

What else can I say? I wish I knew. Someday I should definitely get the series on DVD, rewatch it, and write a more comprehensive review.

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