Recess tek's rating: ½

Recess, on ABC (s1-3, 5) / UPN (s4, 6)
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I like this show. It was a Saturday morning cartoon, but I don't remember when I first saw it, or whether I even saw it on Saturdays or just in reruns years later, on other days and times.

Anyway, what to say? There's a group of fourth-graders who um... do stuff at recess. I guess the de facto leader is T.J. Detweiler. Then there's Mikey Blumberg, Ashley Spinelli, Vince LaSalle, Gretchen Grundler, and Gus Griswald. They're a pretty eclectic bunch. There's also a fair sized supporting cast of other kids (most of whom go by nicknames) who go to Third Street School with them, as well as Principal Prickly, Miss Finster, Miss Grotkey and other staff. Not sure what to say except it's a fairly amusing little show about T.J. and his friends having fun and adventures on the playground, frequently getting into trouble, but also helping people out. They may enjoy breaking rules, but they tend to do what they think is right, and they're probably usually right.

See also the feature film Recess: School's Out.

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